GENSNYC Youth Club Locks Heath LTD NOS

  • Date: 13-07-2018
  • Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Address: GENSNYC Youth Club, Locks Heath Centre SO31 6DX
  • Liaison : Martin Pickford
  • Lead : mcuke and Elly Swanbrow
  • Bass : Wayne Mayor


Final players list: M Pickford, A Peratta, C Peratta, A Dunlop, J Harrow, W Mayor, C Hooper, C. Buron, T Kerr, S Kerr, T King, Wally Walsh, E Swanbrow, J Roe, N Watkins, A Newton, D Fry, Phil M, J Kane.

GENSNYC is a youth club for young people with special needs and Friday 13th is their festival themed evening. We’ll be playing 8-8.45 (post Punch & Judy) and having a bit of a dance/soaking up the atmos then playing a second big finale headlining set 9.20-9.50. We absolutely loved this audience last year, they were a riot.