The 'Big' Breakfast

  • Date: 17-03-2018
  • Start Time: 10:00am
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Address: St James Road Methodist Church, Shirley, SO15 5HE
  • Liaison : Christine Hooper
  • Lead : Elly Swanbrow
  • Bass : Wayne Mayor


This is to be fundraiser for charity Christian Aid at an event called the Big Breakfast, (which won’t be a huge breakfast, it will be a continental type of meal).

SUJ members can share the breakfast too. It won’t be a ticketed event but people will be invited to donate for their meal.

Limited numbers as there won’t be much room as it is in the hall.

Everyone who signed up currently can play.


Following the success of our dressing up for the gig at the Grand Harbour, some of us have decided that we’re going to do the Big Breakfast gig wearing something approximating what we’d normally turn up to breakfast in (allowing for the constraints of common decency obviously) – so onesies / dressing gowns / winceyette pajamas and so on. Clearly, there is absolutely no requirement to do this if you are playing, but if you did want to, you wouldn’t be alone.